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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Month Old Sonja, Treasure Hunt, and Other Updates

4/17/09 was Sonja's 2 month appointment, and her first set of shots. She is very healthy! She was 11 lbs 3 oz (75th percentile), 25.5" (95th percentile)!!! She had a little bit of thrush, but besides that she is perfect. It was so sad having to watch her get her shots, but I know it's only for her good. She was a little grumpy the rest of the day, though.

Sonja is still the little angel. She is easy going, pretty quiet, and very sweet. She is all smiles. First thing in the morning, I enjoy nothing as much as just exchanging smiles with her. She is getting so big so fast! I am always amazed with how quickly they grow up. She still eats every 2-3 hours during the day. I wake her up to eat before I go to bed, and then she sleeps until 2 or 3, then is awake around 5:30 or 6. I have been giving her 2 oz of water mixed with brown sugar to regulate her bowels. She was having a really hard time going, and it was miserable for her!

We had a great Easter! We went to Payson. At my moms we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. They had a blast.

We went to the zoo on 4/16/09. We met up with my friend Nicole, who was accompaning her neice on a fieldtrip. It was hard with three kids! But it was still a lot of fun! We got the kettle corn. I had packed a lunch, but forgot it on the counter on the way out. I do that a lot now adays (forget things!) haha.

I had a treasure hunt for the kids (mainly Jayna) just for fun. We got a box, and filled it with things around the house. I had hints written down to tell us what we needed to fill the box up with. After we found everything on the list, Jayna "hid" the box and made a map of where it was hidden. It was fun!

The kids have a ton of fun with the neighborhood kids, especially Nate. He comes over almost every day and they play on the front porch. It is so cool! They usually play with dolls (barbies and Kens) and cars for the barbies. I love that they have friends.

I made a newspaper ball and bat for Xander, and we played baseball indoors! It was fun! Xander loves anything that has to do with sports! When he has a football, he passes it to me, says "hike!" and then runs a pattern, turns around, and puts his hands out to catch it. It is hilarious

I took Jayna out with me on my errand day. Daddy was off, so he watched the other two. I have so much fun just taking one child. I like to switch it up and take a different one each time. It was fun. I got a really big lollipop for Jayna and for Xander. They had so much fun with those...Jayna was really excited to get one for her brother. She is so cute, and so giving.
Our family is so awesome! I am so happy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New things

So there has been so many new things that the kids have done and said...I know I'll never be able to remember them all, but I'm going to try my best.

Sonja- she started smiling really well the weekend of 3/21/09- and it's only gotten better since! Now she is even starting to coo a little. She is getting a better sleeping pattern. She now sleeps during Xander's nap ( a WONDERFUL accomplishment!), and at night she sleeps until 2:20, then wakes up again around 5/6. Not bad, as long as I go to sleep at a decent hour (which rarely happens). She is so adorable and loveable. She is getting a little bit chunky. I think she may be looking more like Xander than Jayna...which is fine...ALL my kids are adorable!

Xander- Mr. Potty! He is doing so great with his training! I am so proud. He's not even going to be 2 for another month and a half. He says "I DID IT!!" and dances around every time he goes pee in his chair. He really gets into it...screaming I DID IT all over the house. Then we go and dump his potty in the toilet and he flushes it, and runs out with his cute naked butt declaring once again, "I DID IT". I love it.

His famous saying is "Momma? Ummm....." and then he rambles on and on. It's so cute. He has so much character, and really is starting to talk well. The thing he does that is so cool is copy what we say. He will attempt to say anything...sometimes he mimics it really well, and sometimes it's nowhere even close! But, it's still so dang cute!

He also says cute little saying that catch me off guard, such as "I can't reach", "I want to get up (every morning, its DAddy, I wanna get UP); he tells the baby "Ssshh, don't Cry, baby" or "it's ok" or he'll say "Oh, MY " when she does cry.

His favorite show is Ni-haou, Kai-lan (sp?). He has a big crush on Kai-lan. Just like Jayna had on Diego! So funny! Every time it comes on he dances around and sais "Ni haou!!!" haha!

He also likes to play "swiper" with me (from Dora). He'll pretend to take something, and I'll say "Swiper, NO SWIPING", and he says "Ah, man!" He really gets into it! He lowers his eyes and acts all depressed! Sometimes we reverse roles and he tells me "Swy, no Swy!!"

He also loves to be "Max" from Max and Ruby. Max is the little brother that always gets into trouble. It works out great because Jayna loves to be Ruby, the older sister. We play max and ruby all the time. Xander loves to say "Maaaaaxx!" just like they do on TV.

It's so funny how most of our games during the day have to do with the shows they watched the night before. We don't even watch TV during the day hardly at all! Just in the evenings.

Jayna and Xander fight a lot, but they also really enjoy playing with each other. Days really vary for them...sometimes they really get along and the whole day is a pleasant one. Other times I play referee all day and get so worn out and irritated at all the FIGHTING! Now I know how my mom felt. My brother and I were relentless!

Jayna- Jayna is 4 years old now, and shows it by her ever developing intellect. The way that she thinks is so amazing. She really thinks for herself, and her reasoning skills are awesome. She also is Ms. Rulebook. She makes sure we are all in line! If I say "chew with your mouth closed", then she makes sure everyone, including other people's kids or even me and Jason, abide by it. It's kind of irrating really, but I am glad that in her eyes, my rules are THE rules. I think that she has the impression that she is an adult sometimes. I'll go to do something and she'll give me permission to do it. Like I'll grab some milk, and she'll be like "Ya, mom, you can have some milk if you want". Ha, 4-year-olds.

Jayna is the sweetest big sister/daughter around. She is so encouraging, and very thoughtful. She has gotten really good at sharing. I catch her giving Xander a toy that he wants, even though she was playing with it first. She makes sure he has his food, or his chocolate milk. She helps him get up and down from his chair without me even asking. She really is a good sis. She is always concerned when Sonja cries, and makes sure I know what Sonja or Xander needs (ha). She apparantley is fluent in both Baby and Toddler speak.

She always compliments me, saying things like "mommy, you are beautiful", or "mommy, you have great ideas". Such a heart of gold, that one has.

Jayna's sayings/doings- Remember how I said Xander says "Mommy, Umm.." Well, one time after he said that, Jayna laughs and says "I like Xander 'Umming'!"

The other day, She was getting in her pajamas. As she took off her pants, her underwear went with them. She scoffs and says in a high pitched voice "MY PANTIES ARE CRAZY!!" I laughed so hard.

Jayna always wants to play "Max and Ruby"- she makes sure to sing the whole theme song EXACTLY right before we begin playing. It's an easy game to play because we can play it while I clean or care for the baby.

Jayna loves coffee....or coffee flavored milk, I should say. Every time I brew some (which isn't that often) she BEGS me for some. Now, Xander is starting to ask for it too. It's kind of cool, because my Grandpa always made us "Grandma's coffee (very milky and sugary coffee, the same that his mom made him)".

My mom got Jayna a play clothes washer. The other day I saw some water on the ground, and was trying to figure out where it came from. I opened up the play washer, and Jayna's clothes, water, and soap were in it!! It was SO cute, even though it was a big mess.

I love to death that I get to stay home with my kids! I hope that I always am blessed with this opportunity. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Xander has decided he wants to go potty in the potty chair now. So starting Monday (4/6/09) we have been doing just that! We started out by putting a little water on him when he sat on the potty to help him really works for boys! He went the first time. We used the water trick for the first day, and then on day 2 we used it only when he asked for it. Now, we use it once in a while, but he can usually go all by himself. We still have diapers on because he's not ready yet for #2, but he is doing really well with peeing! I am so proud of my little boy! He decided all by himself, and I think that's why it's going so well. If he decides he doesn't want to do it anymore, I'll be fine with it- but it doesn't seem like that will be the case.

Another Jayna's Birthday/ Sonja's shower

Jason and baby the morning of...he stayed in the
living room with her all night for me :)

On March 28th (Jayna's real birthday) we had a party/shower for Sonja up in Payson. It was cool! I got to see my Grandparents and Aunts as well as a couple of good friends. We again got a ton of gifts. Jayna is SO good about getting gifts. People even made comments about it. She sits and appreciates every gift with equal enthusiasm. She doesn't shove off anything or say rude things about them. Even when she gets a pair of socks, she genuinely cries out "oooh, yay, SOCKS!" She just truly appreciates everything. I hope that she is always like that.
She adored every present
she helped make her own cake, it was fun
March 28th we spent the night at my Dads/Grandparents house. When we first got there (turning off of the 260 highway) we saw a huge heard of Elk. So we immediately hopped on my Dad's Polaris Ranger and our quad and went to find them. They were crossing the dirt trail right as we pulled up! I thought they were running away for good, but my dad joked "Don't worry, they always have to stop and look". Sure enough, they stopped to check us out, then ran some more, then stopped to look was so cool! We joked about how they are telling their little calfs to "'s HUMANS". haha yes we are dorks. Then when they finally disappeared into the woods, we headed back to the house.
We had Alfredo Spaghetti Squash. I had NO idea that spaghetti squash was actually like noodles! It was SO good!! I'm sure it's a lot healthier than actual noodles too. I bought a spaghetti squash today to cook myself. I'm all excited

Sunday the 29th was a blast. My grandparents watched Sonja for a couple of hours and Jason, Jayna, Xander, my Dad and I went riding the trails. Xander, my dad and I went in the Ranger (it was a pretty cool ATV! Felt a lot safer than a squad with Xander), and Jayna and Jason took the quad. It was so weird going down the trails I grew up riding. I had flashbacks the whole time! I remember turns that led to bumps and divets that used to scare me, and they seem so small now! There were still a few steep hills and washed out areas that made me nervous, but I'm a scaredy-cat! Jason actually was nervous in one or two areas because he had Jayna on the different things are when you have kids
Jason hurt his wrist while riding. He was trying to keep Jayna from getting a branch square in the face, and miscalculated where a stump was. The stump kicked the handlebars back and jammed his right hand. I felt really bad for him! He had to ride the quad the rest of the way home. I think it started feeling better after a while, but we were afraid he may have broken it at first. That boy is ALWAYS getting hurt!!
For lunch my Uncle Terry smoked prime rib and some kind of pork, and my grandma made really good potato and egg salad. It was my Aunt Vonda's birthday on the 27th and Jayna's on the 28th, so we celebrated with strawberries and Fondue! Very fun! After lunch we all sat around for a couple hours and just talked and laughed. Jayna played with her cousin Kayla and Xander kind of played with Valerie (2 year old cousin). Then my cousin Marlisa (she's 14) took them all out to play on the swings and trampoline until it was time to go. We had such a good weekend all in all. I am so thankful for all the memories we made.