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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everyone's Growing Up So Fast!

I say this because it just hit me how smart Sonja has become. I hadn't really thought about it, because I'm so used to all the things the older 2 routinely do- talking, running, being silly. But someone mentioned how smart Sonja is, so I started paying attention to what she's actually doing, and it's pretty impressive for a 1-year-old!

She has started to communicate really well with me. She doesn't talk much, but she does a lot of body language. For instance, when she is thirsty, she'll go get a sippy cup, bring it to me and say "eh?" (which is her universal word...that, "Daddy" and "See"). Today, Jayna and Xander were at the babysitters- she went and got Xander's transformer pajamas, and brought them to me. I didn't understand what she wanted so I said thank you and folded them. She persisted- saying "eh!!" and lifting her leg up to me. Finally it dawned on me that she wanted to put them on. So I put them on for her and she was soo happy. It really contents her when she gets her point across.

The month of April was insane. I was in the hospital for nearly a week, I went to Oklahoma to visit my dad for nearly a week, and as soon as I got back, Jayna went to the hospital for nearly a week. So April was a complete blur. And now we have started off May not much better. I hired a sitter to watch the 3 kids while I got caught up on housework, business work, and school. I planned on having them watched this Monday-Thursday. Well on Tuesday, Sonja started throwing up. So today (Wednesday) I had to keep her home , (I have been feeling really sick today as well), and then today Xander started throwing up. I still have to pay for the sitter even though I can't bring them. So I am kind of feeling like I threw away my money. At least I am only having to keep one kid a day at home I guess. I still didn't get anywhere near what I would have gotten done though =( I was really hoping to get everything at least mostly caught up by next week.

Jayna is SSOOO ready for Kindergarten. I thought that full days would be too much, but she has been at this daycare for full days and she still isn't too happy to come home. She just loves being in that kind of setting. I'm really thankful that she is going to love it so much- it makes the separation a little easier for me to handle. I cannot believe its only a few short months away!

Xander man is totally into swords and guns right now. That seems to be the only thing he wants to play. He wants me to go outside with him and run around and fight eachother. Its so cute. He just can't get enough. He has a few swords and guns, but still if we see one at a store or yard sale, he'll ask for it. He just LOVES them! Such a boy!!!