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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Spring here in Glendale has got to be the best time of the year. Although it is very short lived! There is around 4 weeks of PERFECT weather, then it starts to get hot. This week was the beginning of the hot =(. Oh well, I guess it's more time for malls and swimming pools.

Sonja is finally beginning to walk. We have all tile floors so she has just been a little slow in walking- she has been able to since around 11 months, but hates to fall so she just cruises furniture and crawls. We try to be really excited when she does get brave and walk, and she likes the attention.
Jayna and I went with Daddy to Uncle Robbi's wedding. It was pretty nice to just have one kid with me, I felt so relaxed! As much as I love my big family, I do have a little envy for those who just have one kid, or even 2 if they are over 2 years old. Haha...I'm sure those with 5 kids think the same of me.

We have been so busy since February business wise! I feel so extremely blessed! It is a little bit of a strain on our family free-time wise. We made a rule that one day every week has to be family day. No bids, no work, no schoolwork (I'm taking college courses online). This is a day to relax with the family, go to parks or zoos, take the quad for a ride, etc. We need that time together as a complete family, and I hope this tradition stays with us as the kids grow up.

Xander is talking so much and he is such a little ham. I just love to listen to him. EVERYWHERE he goes, he has a sound effect for his movements. Like in Emperor's New Groove " he's doing his own theme music?"