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Friday, June 5, 2009


Right when I was saying that Sonja doesn't roll, she decided to! She rolls almost all the way over now :) and she also bears weight on her legs now. It all happened so fast!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Xander is Two!!!

Xan is TWO! I can't believe how fast time flies! He has TOTALLY hit his "terrible twos"...its like clockwork! Just yesterday I was noticing how challenging he is becoming!!! He is really starting to talk, and is so insistant to get his way! He has a strong will just like Jayna, which I love about them, but during this phase it is really hard to deal with!!

My little man is so coordinated! Everyone makes comments about how he is a natural athlete. Just watching him move around is amazing. He throws overhand, swings a bat and twists his hips, takes a little step to kick a ball, etc. it's pretty crazy. He is also crazy good on his bike- and Jason just got him a little 50cc quad for his bday, so I'm sure he'll be even more crazy! His birthday is today but we are having a little party for him on Saturday, so we'll give him the quad then.

We are moving back to our own house~ for now, anyways! We are still trying to modify our loan...and they just extended us to we figure we may as well move back and have 2 mos free rent!

Sonja is 3 mos

really, she's almost 4 mos, but since I missed the 3 month mark (been insanely busy) I wanted to back track just a bit.

Sonja is just the sweetest baby you'd ever meet. I know i say that a lot, but it really is true. She is so calm, smiley, and squishy (haha! She has the cutest cheeks EVER!). She has really started to laugh lately. EVERY time she laughs, she gets the hiccups! I kind of feel bad for her! But it doesn't seem to bother her.

She really loves to be around people. She is completely fine being in a chair or on the floor as long as people are around her. She doesn't like to be [awake] in a room by herself. She's going to be a little social butterfly.

She is doing really good keeping her head steady while sitting up in our laps, and also is up on her elbows and looking around while on her tummy. She rolls from her belly to back, but hasn't really attempted back to belly. When she's on her back she mostly just kicks and looks around.

She absolutely loves her brother and her sister. Brother is a little too rough with her, so she sometimes is cautious of him, whining if he gets too close. Sissy Jayna is her best buddy. Jayna feeds sonja bottles, plays with her while mommy is trying to get things done, and shares her toys. The other day I went to the store with all the kids. I was having a hard time keeping all of them in check (and by all of them I mean Mr. Terrible Twos), and Jayna was just taking care of Sonja- giving her stuffed animals, etc...well, Sonja fell asleep with the little toys all around her,and was holding a little beanie baby. It was just so cute. I love how Jayna shares with her.