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Sunday, January 31, 2010

...And time escapes me.

It has been months since I have blogged! I am so disappointed!! I just keep putting it off! There has, of course, been SO much that has happened since last NOVEMBER! Wow! First off, everyone is happy and heathy. Kids are growing, learning, and aweing me every day! Jayna is excited for Kindergarten this coming August, and T-Ball this spring. Xander is talking, singing, saying "I love you", and so much more! Sonja is almost walking, almost 1, waving and saying "hi" and "bye". We are still living on the house on Eugie for now, but not sure how much longer. We had a difficult Christmas season this year. We decided to sell Christmas trees for Jason's uncle, and ended up losing $5000 on the deal. We poured HOURS into it, too! It was kind of depressing, but definitely a learning experience. I am trying to get life back to normal after such a hectic and trying month. I finally got the house back in order and now am tackling schedules, meal and school planning, etc. I spent 3 hours going shopping to restock our shelves. I am a coupon queen and was very happy buying $330 worth of essentials for $130.

I have been an avid gym goer starting this year. It feels so good to stay active, and the kids really love their "class", which is gym daycare. They also love going to parks, libraries, Mcdonalds, and just hanging out at home. My kids really do love to be home. Sometimes when we're out, they will just ask to go back home. There is a lot to do here for them, I guess. I recently tackled our garage. I cleaned up everything, packed up all the boxes we wanted to store and put them in the attic (faced my fear of heights!), gave away whatever we didn't want, and threw away what we couldn't give away. I turned the garage (which is finished and has it's own A/C unit), into a playroom for the kids. In there they have legos, a train set, and a vanity table, as well as a couple baby toys for Sonja. I also have my rocking chair in there so I can bring my laptop in to update our Quickbooks (for the business) while the kids play. It's perfect!

We just started attending a new church. Today was actually our first day, but I think we will be staying there a while. It's a VERY small church, but everyone was so friendly and it felt like home. The pastor and his wife took us to lunch, their treat. We could never get that kind of friendship froma pastor of a big church. That is what I want the most out of a church (second to learning about God, of course)- getting to know people on a deeper level than "hi". We are excited about giving this church a try and maybe even getting involved ministry wise ourselves soon.

The kids are just amazing...I wish I could sit here and recall everything new that has gone on in the past 3 months. I will include random tidbits as they come to me, but the main goal is to start from now on blogging more. I really want to shoot for once a week.

-Jayna: She is getting so big! I can't believe she turns 5 soon! It makes me so sad! I'm not ready for her to go to school! I have been playing with the idea of homeschooling her, but I think that she would LOVE "real" school- so I will take it day by day. If school begins to cause any kind of trouble, I can always decide to homeschool then. Kindergarten is so fun though and I don't want her to miss that. She is [still] huge about arts and crafts. She loves anything that has to do with making things. I bought some muffin and cookie mix, and am planning on letting her make her own stuff. Yes, I probably should bake from scratch, but I'm starting small! I am more hesitant to bake when I have to make a huge mess and clean that mess up! Not to mention, with my coupons I get the mixes a lot cheaper than I could buy all the ingredients. Jayna is really taking on the role of a big sister. She makes sure her little siblings are taken care of, lets me know if either of them get hurt, and shares with them. One day we went to mcdonalds and I got them ice cream cones. I handed Jayna hers first, and she immediately handed it to Xander, and waited for the next one. I was so proud of her! My little girl thought of her brother first, without me even asking her to.

-Xander: He loves me to sing to him. I am the only one that can put him to bed, and each night when I tuck him in he says"Mommy, can you sing to me?" and I say, "sure baby, what do you want me to sing", and he replies "Sunshine". So i sing him "You are my sunshine", and he snuggles in, play-whines like a baby, then closes his eyes. It is THE CUTEST thing ever! I am so happy that even though he is a total "boy", he is so close to mommy and can be vulnerable to me. He is so special. He is 2, so of course he's a little ornery and rambunctious, but he also has a huge heart, and loves his "sissy, and baby sissy". Even though he fights with his sisters, if anyone else is mean to them, he sticks up for them with a vengence. One time Aaron was over and he took one of Jayna's toys. Xander chased him down saying "That's my sissy's" and made sure he gave it back. It was adorable.

-Sonja: She has, I'm sure, changed the most dramatically. She crawls like CRAZY, and is standing on her own, right in the middle of the room. She walks with furniture or us holding her hand. It won't be long! She is a sweetheart, but also has a "spicy" side- not much makes her mad but if it does, WOW! She gets very upset! But for the most part she is pretty easy going and oozes sweetness. She is a huge Daddy's girl. Whenever he comes home she crawls to the door as fast as she can and sits up, clapping her hands and squealing. When he picks her up, she lays her head on his shoulder and cooes. It melts our hearts every time. She is getting pretty good about entertaining herself now. I am so happy! I can [usually] set her down and let her play while I do my chores instead of trying to do everything one handed while I hold her..although sometimes I still have to do that, especially around dinner time. We are still trying to get her to sleep well. For the most part, she will sleep until about 5 am, then go back to sleep until 6 or 7; but occasionally she wakes up at 2...ugh! J

ason and I still switch off on nights- I get up with any kid that wakes up one night, then he does the next. It is imperative that we both get decent nights sleeps at least one out of two days. It works out well for us- it is so much easier to deal with a rough night when you know that the next night you get to sleep uninterrupted. And there are rough nights still! We've had nights where ALL THREE of them wake up once or twice, and even occasionally the dogs give us trouble. I am hoping that those nights get fewer and farther in between over the next year!

2010 is going to be a great year. We have had a somewhat rough start with finances (losing all that money on Christmas trees has made January hard), and the death of my beloved Grandpa, but I still think that by December we are going to be able to look back and see that we have accomplished a lot. I have a lot of goals for this year, and am working very hard to make them a reality. I am trying to take the kids on outtings 1-2 times a week, doing crafts/school with them every day, attending a new church where we can get involved, blogging!, keeping up with quickbooks and work on our business budgets and finances, attending school (only 2 more semesters!), and getting/staying healthy and in great shape. Whew, that's a lot! But I think that we will be able to accomplish most if not all, because we have a plan of action.

I love my family dearly and am so excited for this next year....except for the part where Jayna starts school...boohoo!!!!