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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

It's Father's Day! We are all hanging out with and just enjoying Daddy. It hasn't been really eventful. I made him breakfast, and Jayna made him a card on the computer. Then we got ready, went to church, came home and watched a movie while Sonja slept. When Sonja woke up we headed to lunch (around 2 pm). We went to Islands Restaurant. Then we came back home and have just been relaxing ever since. It feels SO GOOD to actually relax!! I can't even explain. We have been just so busy for the past many months with work and my college classes. I just finished my classes yesterday, and I am looking forward to getting those 12-15 hours a week back!

Here are some updates on the kids:

Jayna: She is going to be attending Pointe Charter School for Kindergarten! She is already so excited! School starts Aug 2nd, but she goes to summer camp (provided by the school) in a couple of weeks! I am very excited for her, but also a little sad. I want to cram as much me and her time into this summer before she is in school. Mostly I plan on doing crafts with her. I know she loves that and it's something we can do with the other 2 as well. We will probably stop by the craft store this week.

Xander: Still waiting on the boy to get potty trained!!! He still has little to no interest. but I"m going to try again this week, see if we can talk him into it. He is talking more and more, and we can actually understand most of the things he says! One thing he does that is so funny, is he repeats himself over and over! He'll say "mommy, I want to play with Iron Man", I say "ok", then he repeats himself over and over. I'm not sure why he does it. We have to sit there and say "Xander, listen to me, you can play with Iron Man, lets go get it". Once we get his attention, he doesn't usually repeat it more. He is SUCH a boy and loves everything that goes with it- action figures, superheroes, cars, guns, balls! It's so fun. And he LOVES his Mommy. He is my #1 fan!

Sonja: Of course, Sonja has probably changed the most, being the youngest. She is an avid walker and even runner. She has been saying "cheese, puppy, mommy, daddy, eat, she sign's "more", says drink, and says shoes. She also has been singing "Enter Sandman" ...she says, in correct tone and rhythm, "Exit, Light!!!" It is so funny!I keep trying to get it on camera, but every time she sees me filming her she stops everything to pose and say "CHEESE", and she won't sing. She is such a little clown!