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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving Moving Moving!

After 4 years in Glendale, we are taking off to Avondale. I was really struggling emotionally with accepting this. I felt as though I had finally made friends, found the perfect school for Jayna, and found a wonderful church that I loved. I know my way around the area, know which grocery stores' layouts I like best =), everything that you become accustomed to when living somewhere for a while. Glendale was my home. Then God decided I was too comfortable =), like usual.

When Jason and I agreed we needed to find a bigger and newer home (think 500 dollar electric bills in a 1100 square foot home...bad insulation, single pane windows), I started searching high and low throughout Glendale/Peoria. But what I didn't realize that it is nearly impossible to find a home here that 1. is newer 2. has the rv gate we have to have for RitterBoys' Landscapes 3. is bigger 4. is within our agreed upon budget. God steps in here....

We found the perfect house, just in what I thought was the wrong location. Thomas road and Avondale BLVD. From this location, we agreed that church is still close enough to attend, but we would definitely be giving up Jayna's school(that I of course spent a TON of time picking out, because I just can't take any decision lightly). I also felt that besides our new church friends, I'd lose all my other new friends I had made. I cried for two days.


Suddenly, left and right, all of my friends that were here in Glendale were moving to Avondale. Literally 5 or 6 of my friends! And not just Avondale, but within a mile of where I will be!! It was amazing, my mouth is still trying to close! As for school, well...we are within walking distance from her elementary school. So I get to walk her (and the dogs of course) to school every day. There is also a park literally right across the QUIET street from our home. I plan on taking the little ones there many times.

We are only planning on living in this next home 1-2 years, but I just feel so blessed that God made that transition as easy as possible for me, and has included my friends and let me keep my church. I really want a place for my kids like my husband Jason had in Payson. A church where they grow up knowing everyone.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Poor Xander :(

My poor little Xander had to have his adenoids and tonsils removed last Friday. They were originally just going to remove his adenoids, but upon looking they realized that both were very enlarged. Tonsils makes for a lot worse recovery than just the adenoids. He has been so miserable. It makes me so sad! Friday when he came home, he was eating and drinking everything in sight. I was thinking "this won't be so bad". But that night...he woke up every 20-30 minutes in such pain. We tried to give him medicine but he refused. Then all of Saturday Jason was at a softball tournament and I was trying to get Xan to eat or drink anything...and he wouldn't. I tried two times to force him to take his pain meds, but he refused. He was in so much pain, he wouldn't even swallow his own spit. Finally, right about the time i was sure we'd end up in the hospital, Jason came home and was able to force down the medicine (apparently he is much more convincing than I am). Once the meds kicked in, Xander began drinking again. It is now Monday, and he still hasn't eaten more than a little yogurt and pudding, but he has been drinking chocolate milk, capri suns, and gatorade. I'm hoping he is able to eat again soon. I feel so bad for the little guy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turning points

So we have a few new things in the horizon of our family life!
First off, Jayna starts Kindergarten! She is currently attending kindergarten camp, which she LOVES. she is so excited for "real kindergarten"- which starts the beginning of August.

Next, Xander is half way potty trained! He goes pee in the potty chair almost every time! Even when we go out, he tells me he "needs to get my pee out". haha! #2 is another, story, but we are getting there! Hopefully soon!

Third, we will be moving soon! We are looking for the "perfect" house as we speak. We need more bedrooms and square footage (we only have 3 right now, and only 1200 sf). we also need either a 3 car garage or an rv gate (for our business trailer). Searching is kind of frustrating but exciting at the same time. The only homes I have been able to find so far that match our criteria are in Avondale/Surprise. If we move there, we'll be giving up our current church and Jayna's charter school. But if its the right house, I guess it'll be worth it :-/ . I'm still praying that we find a house in our current area.

Xander is getting his adnoids taken out tomorrow! I am pretty nervous! But I think it will really help the poor guy out. He has such a hard time breathing through his nose. I'm hoping it goes really smoothly and recover time is very quick.

I am reading "more hours in my day"- which is proving to be an awesome book! It has helped me a lot already and I'm only about 1/4 of the way through it! YAY!