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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Beautiful Trio

I am so blessed by my beautiful children. I have had their professional photos sitting here for a while now, and have just lacked the time and patience to sit and upload them. Now, as I am trying to get some much needed rest to recover from a flu I caught over the weekend, I want to share some of these pictures while I talk about their new discoveries.

Jayna "the princess" Ritter-

Every single day, Jayna picks up new cuter than cute sayings and phrases. Yesterday, she was talking with me about her recent trip to Grandma's house (the kids stayed there while I was bedridden with the horrible flu). She was talking about how she squished all the bugs because they can "sting you really hard". She the proceeded to explain to me that bugs are fast- I said, "oh, yeah? How fast were they?" She says "well, bugs are fast, cats are faster, but MOST OF ALL, Dogs are fast". I was cracking up. The way her mind works is amazing (to me at least).

Today, all of us grown ups are still home trying to get over the sickness. Uncle Robbi came down in his pajama pants, which have skiing reindeer and snowflakes (funny, I know). Jayna said "Hey. Uncle Robbi, what's on your pants? Snowmen?" Robbi said, "No, they are reindeer." She said "No, I see snow on there. See the snow (pointing to the snowflakes)?" He goes "Ok, you win." She laughed and said "yeah, I win." A little later, Robbi was telling us the story. Jayna said "Yeah, YOU LOSE, Robbi". We all just busted up laughing.

She loves books, and "reads" the books by looking at the pictures and telling the story. She has "Green Eggs And Ham" and "Cat in the Hat" pretty much memorized.

Xander "the tank" Ritter-

He is also starting to talk a lot. He's linking words into little sentences now. I can't believe he's going to be 2 next month! Goes by quickly! He has been, on his own accord, saying things like "Thanks, Sissy" or "juice, please, mommy". He can be so sweet, but he also has a really big attitude. If he doesn't agree, he makes the most hilarious (but, it should be offensive) face at us- kind of like rollin his eyes, but its more of a slouching his shoulders and head and looking....or glaring up at us. I hate to admit it, but it's just too hilarious to get him in trouble for.

Here's the least part way!

Xan is our natural athlete- whether its throwing a football, baseball, or swinging a bat, he just pretty much automatically resumes the correct form. It is proof that some people are just born that way- amazing! He is going to be great...I can't wait to see what he can do!

I've realized he is really good at puzzles. Its so fun to do them with's his "thing" :)

Sonja "the sweetie" Ritter''

Growing up at a manic pace! You are smiling, and just about laughing. You can roll over from your stomach to your back, but you don't do it all the time. You really don't like being on your tummy (unless it's on our lap), but you need your tummy time to work those back muscles. You are getting really steady at holding up your head! You are a big girl, 11 lbs 10 oz (you just went to the dr today.) These pics are a little outdated for you, because this young you change so fast, but they are still so adorable.

You are cooeing and on the verge of laughter. Actually, a couple of nights ago, you laughed in your sleep a couple of times- so it won't be long! It's so cool- when you are being held by someone else, you smile and are coy and sweet, then as soon as I hold you and you recognize me (I LOVE that you recognize me) you smile extra wide and nearly laugh. I get the biggest show :) I'm so lucky!

You have been sick, again. With a 102 fever. We went to the dr. again. Seems like we are there a little too much! Anyways, they gave you an antibiotic shot, but that's all for now. Hopefully that kicks it, but if it's the flu like I had, I don't think it will.

I love you, guys! I pray every day that when you look back at your childhood, it's full of lots of smiles and minimal tears!!

XOXO, Mommy