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Monday, March 22, 2010

New Vow!

I am so mad that I keep putting off blogging! There is always so many new things that the kids do and say, so many new happenings in our busy life, and I know that when I finally sit down to catch up I'll forget most of it!

My new vow is to write in this blog every Sunday afternoon. Even if I don't get time to post pictures or hit every subject I want, I'm still going to write! I have always journaled well up until baby #3 was born, and now I feel like I can't find the time. But I gotta!

I am finishing my second to last semester in Accounting...YAY. After this, I will be a certified full-charge bookkeeper. Granted, I already do the books for our business, but now I can actually pick up other accounts to do at home. I'm so excited, but so ready to be done with school. I spend every naptime and most evenings completing my classes!

.................Ritter news to be continued on Sunday (or before if I get really courageous!)