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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Breathe!

Wow, things have gone into high gear! Jayna started Kindergarten at the beginning of this month. It has been wonderful, but has definitely changed around my schedule! She really enjoys riding her bike to school, so I try to make it a point to do that every morning. We ride the 1/4 mile to school, and then I take her bike back, and come pick her up by car at the end of school. When it gets a little cooler, I can probably start biking both ways. But right now I just can't take that kind of heat, even for just 1/2 mile. My new schedule is as follows (most days)

6- Xan wakes us up, right on the dot! he's got an amazing inner alarm clock that I really wish I could reset to about 7.

Breakfast, baths/showers, dressed/hair/teeth, backpacks bike/stroller and GO. Get to school at 8:15.

9- gym. I aim for 5 times a week, usually only get 3-4 because of dr appts or exhaustion. It's a great break from kids and a mood booster. Plus it helps me take care of the temple God has given me =).

10:30- home and snack.Tidy up, start my 1 load of laundry
11:15- pick up Jayna. come home and review any papers/ do any hw
12- lunch and clean up
NAP! During "quiet time", I sometimes take a 1/2 hr nap if super tired, or just sit with my load of laundry and turn on the TV (usually Joyce Meyers). Then I take care of business for the remaining 2 hrs- cleaning or office work usually.

3- "kid time"- the kids know this hour is theirs and make sure I don't forget it!!
4-6: here I try to get house clean for the evening, or if house is already decent I will try to fit in any more office work I need to do. With running a business at home, it seems like there is always something to do. I also get dinner going.

6-8- dinner, dishes, hang out with the family. Try to bring the dogs in and give them some playtime. I LOVE these 2 hours.
8- read books, pray with kids, get kids ready for bed.
8-10- do any last minute cleanup, make to-do list for tomorrow. Then try to relax and hang out with my husband. We have our devotions here, and Try to be in bed by 10(doesn't always work out!)

FRIDAYS ARE FUNDAYS...I try to throw the afternoon schedule to the wind and plan a nice outting with the kiddos right after lunch.

I find my household runs much better when I have a schedule. I can't always go off of it by the book. Dr appts, last minute visitors, favors needed by hubby or friends, or sicknesses/exhaustion (I bring that up a lot, its a big part of having 3 small kids!) sometimes change around my plans a bit. But I tend to have a scatterbrain and not actually get much of anything done if I don't have a daily plan. Jason laughs at me and thinks I'm way to structured for a stay-at-home mom. But reality is I think most moms do the same (or close to the same) thing as me! It makes us feel like we have a job instead of just trying to survive at home all day (and some days we do just that!).

Here are some pics as an update to what we've been up to